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Making a better choice about what we eat will help to ensure good health and well being. Our lives today are often hectic and people have less time to think about nutrition. My aim is to give professional nutritional advice to help people achieve long-term lifestyle changes.

Whether you are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight or have a medical condition or illness that requires a special diet, through one-to-one consultations, I can focus on nutritional goals that are right for you. My expert advice, support and counselling on nutrition is based on the latest scientific evidence and research and keeping up to date with current practice is essential.

My clinics currently run in Greystones, Co. Wicklow and Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. Consultations in your own home may also be possible.

Gillian McConnell

Struggling to lose weight? Not sure what to try next? How about an individualised diet and lifestyle plan to help achieve gradual but longterm weight loss? Getting the right advice to help you achieve changes for the future is vital.

Diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on the symptoms experienced. If you would like individualised advice designed to help you manage your symptoms and improve the quality of life in any of the following areas.

Providing healthy nutritious meals for the family when there are different needs for each family member can be a challenge! Your family could benefit from a family session with me on any of the following topics.

Whether you exercise for pleasure or competition, what and when you eat can have a major impact on your performance.Your diet can meet your training needs and help achieve optimal performance.


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How to choose a healthy breakfast cereal

Clients tell me it can be stressful & confusing when it comes to buying breakfast cereals - here's how to make a better choice;   Why Eat Breakfast: Breakfast is why I get out of bed in the morning!  Eating cereal can be an easy and inexpensive way to get...

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Easy Peasy Salmon Risotto

Always goes down well with all the family and high in omega-3's and fibre - Enjoy! Ingredients: (serves 4) 2tbsp olive oil a good knob of butter 1 leek / onion thinly sliced 2 cloves garlic 600ml got chicken stock 200g risotto rice 175ml dry white wine 200g or 2...

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New Guidelines on Nut Allergy

Peanut allergy is becoming more and more commonplace and has doubled in the last 5 years in Europe and America.  It is estimated that peanut allergies affects 1 in 50 infants and the cause is not fully understood. The majority of allergic reactions to peanut and tree...

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