Gillian McConnell is the designer of the iPortion tool range which is devised for healthy eating and portion control.  Based on sound scientific evidence, the iPortion plate is a simple, yet very effective way to help guide you to better portion control.  Gillian has since developed other iPortion tools which help to guide you to a healthier lifestyle. 

What is the iPortion Plate:

This 10 inch porcelain iPortion Plate is divided into three sections which are ideal for losing weight.

This is a tried and tested way to lose weight. The idea is simple, yet it can be hard to take control of portioning your own food, so we do it for you helping to take the guesswork out of how much you eat! Plus it is a great way to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

The iPortion Plate incorporates a beautiful discreet design so it doesn’t look like a ‘dieters’ plate. It can also be used for the whole family from men and women to young children from age 4 upwards.


Why Should I use the iPortion Plate:

One of the key ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is by portion control. Even a ‘healthy diet’ can cause weight gain if you are eating in the wrong portions. So overall, the iPortion Plate will help you to:

  • Re-educate on portion sizes
  • Reduce the amount of food placed on your plate
  • Help you to eat a good balance of nutrients and control calories from starchy carbohydrates and proteins
  • Help you to make a longterm change in your lifestyle
  • Increase awareness of what you are eating to help find satisfaction in your mind and stomach